Card4golf are committed to increase new revenue streams for today’s modern golf club

• Helping your golf club fill your unused tee times and or tuition times

• Participation in card4golf is free to your golf club – at no point in our relationship will we charge you for advertising or for the golfers  that visit your club

• All we ask is that you offer our members a discounted green fee and or tuition fee (at your chosen rate) you may however, apply certain  tee time restrictions

• Our card only entitles our members to green fee discounts and or tuition fees, all other sales, food, drink, shop sales etc are to the benefit of your golf club

• We will send out emails to all our members informing them that they can use their card4golf membership card at your club once you  have signed up

• Get involved and take advantage of this flexible no contract marketing opportunity NOW!!

Why Choose Us – Card Member

Step 1: Search for a course that accepts Card4Golf

Step 2: Phone and book your tee time and or tuition at your chosen golf course

Step 3: Show your card, enjoy your discounted round of golf and/or tution

Why Choose Us – Golf Club

Participation is FREE to your golf club

At no point in our relationship will you be charged for advertising on our website or charged for the golfers that visit your golf club.

You Choose

All we ask is that you offer our members a discount on green fees and/or tuition fees at YOUR chosen rate